Ceramic Figures

All the pieces I make are individually handcrafted using slabbed and rolled clay techniques. I start by creating a flat slab of clay from which I cut body shapes, these I make into tubes to which I then add a hand modelled head and coiled arms. I then 'dress' the figures useing finely rolled out pieces of clay to make dresses and coats. The hair is shredded for effect and I then finish with hats pinched from balls of clay decorated with ribbons and flowers of clay.

I sculpt the animals working from research photos and sometimes real models. Then, from basic bodyform, I sculpt the heads, legs and finer details, finishing with shredded clay effect hair.

Once the pieces are made they have to be left to dry naturally to avoid cracking. This can take three to seven days. Once dry they are bisc. fired in a kiln for 12 hours cooling takes 24 hours, before being glazed in my distinctive cream and earthy glazes and fired a second time to a much higher temperature, taking a farther 12 to 14 hours. This then takes 36 hours to cool down before they are ready for despatch.

Collectable Animal Ceramics       Collectable Animal Ceramics

Collectable Hand-made Ceramic Figures
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